What Are H-Clips?

H-Clips are tiny pieces of metal with cutouts to hold two pieces of roof deck sheathing together. In short, they help stabilize the roof decking, as well as, provide an expansion gap. We will go into detail on why this is important later on.


If You Do Not Have H-Clips

If your roof sheathing is installed without H-Clips, your roof decking might buckle on itself during regular expansion and contraction of the wood. This can cause waves and bumps on your roof. In addition, this could lead to poor water drainage and eventual leaks. Finally, if the plywood is less secure, you might risk falling through the roof.


Are They Required?

H-Clips are required by code in the International Residential Code. However, some local jurisdictions may not require them so it’s important to check in your area.

Even if they are not required, we highly recommend H-Clips to improve the longevity and durability of your roof sheathing.


Resource: https://waypointinspection.com/h-clips/