A common question is, are vents required in garages?

Well the answer is…. no. BUT it is highly recommended! There any many different types of garages, so it’s not always a “one size fits all” kind of situation. Let’s talk about some options and why it’s helpful to have a vent in a garage.

The pluses to ventilation:

  • Water heater – it is required if there is a water heater in the garage. This is because it can get very hot because of the heat that comes off the water heater. The type of ventilation recommended is an exhaust fan.
  • Vehicle fumes – the fumes from our cars are hazardous to our health. Having ventilation in the garage allows these fumes to escape and we avoid possible issues with carbon monoxide.
  • Repurposing – Many people use their garage for purposes other than parking the car. It is often used as a gym or sometimes a living space. When this happens, you want to have ventilation so that air is flowing through and keeps it cool.
  • Cooling costs – The garage is hot and the walls and garage access door transfer the heat to the living spaces. Thus, increasing the electricity that the AC uses while it is trying to cool the home. This can be fixed though by having a vent and then the hot air will have a place to go our and bring in cooler air as well as fresh air.

What are the options:

  • Windows – if you have two windows installed, this allows more air to come in and replace the hot garage air. Additionally as mentioned above, the windows will help get rid of any fumes from vehicles that may be lingering in the garage.
  • Exhaust Fan – this type of fan is a great addition if you are using your garage for a gym, laundry room, or wood shop. The fan will also send out the stale air and bring in fresher air and this is because it uses electricity and doesn’t rely on the weather for a windy day to work.
  • Roof Turbine Fan – this fan doesn’t require electricity to work and it will take the fumes and hot air out the ceiling. Since it uses wind, this will lower the electricity bill. The downside is that it requires a professional to install it as it is not easy.


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