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Welcome to AZ ASHI

Home and real estate inspection services for existing, pre-sale and new homes, including Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tucson, Flagstaff and statewide areas by licensed and certified home inspectors. Find real estate inspection services you can trust. Just select an AZ ASHI certified home inspector with a simple zip code search for the area of Arizona where you’re buying or selling a home. It’s that easy to be secure in your choice of a home inspector.

Protect your real estate investment and enjoy peace of mind with professional inspections by competent, licensed inspectors. Don’t be fooled by imitators. Beware of home inspection companies who say they work to ASHI standards, but are not members and do not adhere to ASHI Code Of Conduct. ASHI Standards of Practice and Code of Conduct are the industry model. This is the place to find the right home inspection company in Arizona, plus be sure to browse our house inspection checklist for buyers and sellers.

Real estate professionals know that professional home inspections are a very important part of buying and selling houses, your clients and customers will appreciate your advice, be sure and trust your reputation to only professional certified home inspectors.

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How do you know which conductor in a cord is the neutral? It must be identified using one of the following methods [400.22]:

White or gray colored braid.

Colored tracer in the braid.

White, gray, ... See more

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Cross connection possible and an active leak in the drain overflow. This is why you hire a good looker.

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Feb 29 leap into the new year . Inspect a House

Join AZASHI You must Register (Email & Password) Click on Become a Member (Blue Button) Select Listing Membership Click Next Fill out business listing Click Next & Checkout. Once payment has been ... See more

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This is why You need an inspection. The drain has melted and is offset. Call a plumber now.

2 months ago
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10.1 The inspector shall observe:
A. central air conditioning including:
1. cooling and air handling equipment.
2. normal operating controls.
B. distribution systems including:
1. fans, pumps, ducts ... See more

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