Parallel Inspection Program

TO BE INCLUDED ON THE LIST OF PARALLEL INSPECTORS – Please send an email stating your interest to [email protected]. If you submit this email, you are certifying that you meet the qualifications listed above and you will be listed on as a willing Parallel Inspector.

As stated in the Arizona Administrative Code, under section R4-30-102:

“Parallel Inspector” means an Arizona Certified Home Inspector who performs parallel inspections for a home inspector applicant so that the applicant can obtain a certification to conduct home inspections. A Parallel Inspector shall be in good standing with the Board and shall not have received any disciplinary action from the Board within the preceding three years. The Parallel Inspector shall have been continuously certified by the Board as a Home Inspector for at least three years and shall have conducted at least 250 fee-paid home inspections in the State of Arizona. The Applicant shall provide a signed Affidavit from the Parallel Inspector affirming that the Parallel Inspector has met this criteria to the Board with the application for certification.

AZ ASHI phone: 480-442-2660

You do not need to be a member of AZ ASHI to be included, but you are encouraged to become a member and can sign-up on our website. Please provide your full name, AZ Home Inspector license number, the city/areas you could provide parallels in and contact information so we can put you on the list. It is your responsibility to notify AZ ASHI if you no longer meet the above qualifications.

Parallel Inspections are a very important part of ensuring that newly licensed home inspectors have some basic field experience for the protection of the public. Sign-up now and upon request, for a limited time, if you are a member of Arizona ASHI we’ll send you a FREE simplified home inspection checklist report that can be used for the Parallel Inspections.

For Questions About Home Inspector Licensure – See