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We invite you to join the growing ranks of ASHI Arizona Professional Home Inspectors. Find out you too can become a certified home inspector in Arizona.There are many advantages of being a member of AZ ASHI. As more and more homes continue to be built in Arizona, consumer demand for home inspections has grown as rapidly as the real estate market has expanded. In today’s world, better informed home buyers demand to know all they can before they make a final decision on that could be their largest financial investment.

Certification as a home inspector is required in the State of Arizona. However, you need not wait until you are certified to join AZ ASHI, if you are already a member of our parent organization ASHI. If you are not a current member of ASHI, you can proceed to this page to join. You can join our professional organization as soon as you make the decision to become a home inspector or if your are transferring to Arizona. We offer mentoring, training, education, advertising, promotion, candidate development, and many additional benefits of membership.

Certification by the State of Arizona requires that you obtain a minimum of 80 hours of classroom education; that you pass the National Home Inspection Examination; and that you conduct 30 parallel inspections in the presence of a certified home inspector. You can obtain certification information and application forms from the Arizona Board of Technical Registration web site.

You must be a member in good standing with ASHI National to join our chapter. The time has never been better to become an AZ ASHI home inspector.

Use the form below to apply and pay your dues which are currently $100 annually.

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